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What we're fundraising for...

It is wonderful to report amazing progress for our fundraising efforts!

Last week we had a great meeting at St Georges discussing designs for the special chill out room that Furzedown is helping to fund, for teenagers with cancer in St George's Hospital.

Heather the current TYA nurse, was there, as well as Teenage Cancer Trust, members of Giving to George's, staff and two of us from FACE. Grosvenor Interiors (whose work is being paid for by Teenage cancer Trust) went through their ideas, colours, themes and graphic options, which look great and concerns from staff about losing their space has been cleaverly overcome. The aim is for the special room to open in the new year!

This would not have happened without the support from our local community in Furzedown and all our friends who have supported FACE. There is still a short-fall in funding the room but it will still go ahead and we will still be fundraising.

We began fundraising just 5 years ago for several local causes that have affected those close to us. We were inspired by a local girl who was diagnosed with cancer when she was just 16, no longer a child, so she had to go on an adult ward which was very distressing. Although she received wonderful treatment and was cured, her experience has affected her deeply. With specialist staff like the TYA nurse and a relaxing chill-out room we know that in the future young people will have a better experience and enjoy better outcomes.

Representitives from St George's will be at our Quiz Night on Saturday and will tell us more about the what the room means to young people with cancer in our area. Please come and support us on the night and at other fundraising events.

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