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FACE cheque presentation to St George's hospital

Lead Cancer Nurse, June Allen at St George's Hospital said:

"In 2011 the Department of Health introduced new guidelines for cancer services offered to Teenage and Young Adults (TYA). These new guidelines are centred on the psychosocial and educational needs of this age group. Also as part of the strategy is the need to introduce an age related environment. By this is meant offering a single room which can offer privacy to the patient and also have a selection of equipment for their use. An example of this equipment is an iPad, iPod, wii and x-box, this is not an exhaustive list and Im sure we will have the input from our TYA patients in helping us choose the correct equipment! Most importantly for this age group is access to the internet. With the increase in social networking it has become very clear that this is the primary mode of communication for TYAs. With the potential of being treated for long periods of time in isolation we know this has caused feelings of remoteness for these patients. Here at St George's Hospital we are looking to have a dedicated TYA room on Ruth Myles, which is our haemato-oncology ward. This would mean having a room which is for the exclusive use of our TYA patients. This will undoubtedly go a long way to improving their stay while receiving their treatment here. It is with grateful thanks to FACE that we are now able to acquire this equipment which will ultimately improve the cancer patient experience for our TYA age group. We would like to thank the FACE group for all of their hard work in raising these funds and we look forward to welcoming them back to see the work on the unit when its completed. Full interview and photos here

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