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Wonderful WASA!

We had a very inspirational visit to WASA's Disability Swimming Club in January Ernist Bevin pool, and met the wonderful volunteers we're helping by paying for their training courses that will enable them to teach the disabled youngsters how to swim - while having lots of fun in the pool.

Cindy Hanegraaf co-founded the club over 10 years ago, to help disabledchildren and young people. The volunteers are of all ages and experience, including Florence (pictured centre) who represents the UK in The Down Syndrome Championships in September and, after passing the Level 1 Training Course, is teaching other Down Syndrome youngsters to swim

Children who have disabilities like sight loss, autism or physical impairment, enjoy learning to swim in the safe, supportive environment that WASA’s Disability Swimming Club provides, it also is a great help to their parents and siblings - allowing the whole family to have fun. The level 1 and 2 training courses give the volunteers an opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge and therefore have a positive impact on all the children who attend.

WASA Disability Swimming club is also raising money with Go Fund Me for a special hoist for children to get into the pool. Watch their video on the link HERE and to donate visit


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