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St George's fundraiser's celebration

FACE members Jane, Sue and Karen went to the St George’s Hospital Charity event on Monday 29 January. It was very good and inspirational, with lots of food and wine. There were about 100 people in attendance including other fundraisers, hospital staff and patients. On display was a sensory play trolley which distracts children undergoing treatment, a machine which easily locates veins, a machine which aids neurosurgeons and a portable echo machine – all purchased with money raised for the charity. Noel Cramer introduced the presentations by fundraisers. Jane gave a talk on the origins of FACE, our chosen charities and our fundraising activities. She then focused on the reason why we wanted to provide a room to the hospital for teenage cancer patients.

Other speakers included a 12-year old boy with cancer who raised money for the vein locating machine; Jane, of the 'Molly’s Smile Fund' in memory of her daughter Molly, who talked about fundraising through sporting activities and who has helped furnish a relatives waiting room for the intensive care unit, and Emma Holloway a young mother with a spinal tumour who raised money for the neuro (MEP) machine. Speakers from the hospital included a matron, a neurosurgeon and an echocardiologist.

It was wonderful to be part of this inspiring evening and hearing about all the amazing fundraising being done! We hope to continue supporting St Georges Hospital, for example there is the possibility that free WiFi could be provided throughout the wards - we can all appreciate how good that would be!

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