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Charity Art Auction

In December 2022 FACE supported a great online auction which had a wonderful selection of original paintings, drawings and prints that people placed bids for, including artworks by internationally renowned artists and the chance to have an original painting done of your own house. This wonderful selection of over 70 artworks includes pieces by renowned artists like Paul Crotto, a contemporary of Picasso, award winning Mariusz Kaldowski who was resident artist of the National Trust, and the iconic South London artist Dan McFall, as well as many other popular local artists - with bids starting from just £15.

The profits raised go to two special causes – STAY is the St Alban’s Youth Group, which is based in Furzedown, their innovative plans should help recruit and house a special Youth Leader to offer vital support, care and provide opportunities for many vulnerable young people in this area. This will be achieved by developing an old derelict building they have recently got planning permission to turn into a home - not to sell but to house key support workers.

The Queen’s Green Canopy is a nationwide initiative which honours Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, to create a living legacy with the planting and care of millions of trees across the UK. Partnered with The Woodland Trust, which is providing 3 million free saplings for schools and community groups. Read more HERE


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